AGM – Annual General Meeting​

Tuesday November 30 2021 7.00 on Zoom


  1.     Chairs Welcome & opening remarks

  2.      Apologies for absence

  3.      Chair’s report

  4.     Treasurer’s report

  5.     Amendment to the EHCA Constitution:

    1.  To consider an addition to the constitution which currently has no stipulation regarding minimum or maximum membership. The      proposed amendment is as follows: “the Committee shall consist of no fewer than 6 and no more than 10 committee members in total.”

  6.     Re-election of Chair -  Katina Beckett

  7.     Re-election of Treasurer/Secretary – Dominic Wilson

  8.     Re-election of current committee members:

    1.      Brian Fookes

    2.      Lorelei Hunt

    3.      David Liversidge

    4.      Stella Pirie

    5.      David Rumble

    6.      Kirsty Winstanley

  9.     On completion of the official AGM business above, there will be time available for questions.

  10.    Official meeting ends – stop recording and open the floor for general discussion.