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Here you can find 'blogs' submitted by local residents from the Entry Hill Community Asociation area.

The Community Association moderate the blogs that are sent to us, to make sure that they are suitable to include in our website, but the content  does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Community Association. 

We think it is important to allow our community to provide their input to the website, by telling us more about the history and environment of Entry Hill; or to express their views on proposals for the area. We welcome blogs that reflect the range of views held by our community.

They might be interesting. They might be controversial. They might include views that you don't agree with.
As ever, we would ask that visitors to the website respect the views of others - if you wish to comment on social media or elsewhere about blogs that you read here, please try to confine your comments to the content of the blog, rather than the author, the editor or the EHCA members.

If you are wondering what a blog is, there is a short item below which explains this.  If you would like to submit a blog, please get in touch with us via email at

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