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Committee Members

Dominic Wilson profile pic.jpg

Dominic Wilson (Secretary and Treasurer)

Entry Hill

I moved to Entry Hill in 2018 with my wife and daughters and work for the NHS.  We travel on foot, train and car for work and school.  The LTN as proposed might increase our journey times slightly but we think it is worth it for Entry Hill to become a safer, less polluted, healthier place to live.

Katina Beckett square.jpg

Katina Beckett (Chair)

Entry Hill

My family and I love living on Entry Hill. We enjoy walking our dog on  Entry Hill Golf Course and are very appreciative of the  beautiful green space this offers. To me, Entry Hill is the best place to live in Bath.


Kirsty Winstanley

Ivy Bank Park

I live on Ivy Bank Park with my family and commute to the centre of Bath, on foot, via Entry Hill and would like to make Entry Hill a safer, greener place for all.

David Liversidge square.JPG

David Liversidge

Entry Hill

I've lived on Entry Hill since 2007 with my wife and sons; and work in Bath, leading the Energy and Environment consultancy at BMT. I'm passionate about environmental issues and tackling climate change and am keen to see Bath streets become more enjoyable places to walk, cycle and run safely and peacefully.

Elizabeth (Liz) Tayler

Entry Hill

I've lived in the nearly 30 years, and in my Entry Hill cottage since 2008. After early retirement from the Civil Service, I took a part-time job with a  travel agency. I like  living on Entry Hill  with its friendly community. Through joining the EHCA committee and the speedwatch group,  I've enjoyed meeting more Entry Hill residents. I am concerned by the speed of the traffic, so it feels good to get involved in something that might make a difference.

Lorelei Hunt - profile pic.jpg

Lorelei Hunt

Lynbrook Lane

 I've recently retired from a long career in economic and business development. Now I make mosaics.  I love walking and hope to help make this a positive choice for more people, with a focus on good design and on the economic and health benefits of choosing to walk.

Stella Pirie square.jpg

Stella Williams

Entry Hill

I have lived here for 35 years, moving in just as the Golf Course opened, which I love. I am a retired accountant/non-executive director. I love gardening and dogs. Commuter traffic on Entry Hill was heavy in the days of the MOD at FoxHill - but nothing compares with the speed of cars and bicycles on Entry Hill now. 

Brian Fooks 1945-2022

Brian was a long term resident of Entry Hill who cared very much about his neighbourhood. He was particularly concerned about the growing level of traffic and road safety; and was an invaluable source of knowledge about the history of Entry Hill. Brian died in 2022 and is much missed by his colleagues on the EHCA committee and by his friends and neighbours.

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