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Community Speedwatch

If you have travelled along Entry Hill over the past couple of months, you might have seen some folk in yellow fluorescent jackets with hand-held devices and clip boards.  Have you wondered what they are what they are doing? Here are answers to some of the questions you might ask. 

Who are we?

A small team of volunteers who live on or around Entry Hill. Do you want to join us? Email for more details.

Why are we out there?

For some time, we have been concerned about the speed of some vehicles being driven on Entry Hill. In places, the pavements are narrow - many people have reported feeling unsafe walking, or letting their children walk on Entry Hill. Every day we see some people driving at excess speed, vehicles mounting the pavements and dangerous driving. 

What is the speed limit on Entry Hill?

20 mph.

How do you measure the speed?

We use a handheld radar device to measure the speed of the vehicles passing us and note down the colour, make and registration of the vehicles. We do not photograph vehicles or drivers. 

What is the top speed we have recording someone travelling along Entry Hill?

To date, this is 61mph! Obviously, people slow down when they see us and we know that there are more drivers doing higher speeds when we are not standing there.

What happens to the data we collect?

We upload the details of cars that exceed the speed limit to the police website.  They send warning letters for 1st and 2nd offences.  Repeat offenders are contacted directly by their local PCSO and warned of the consequences of speeding.  This process does not result in fines or points for drivers but the offences are saved on the police computer.

What effect does it have?

Over 1,000 drivers have received letters so far. The police have now identified Entry Hill as an area of concern and have pledged to send the mobile speed camera unit more frequently. We hope that our presence reminds people to drive more carefully through our neighbourhood. If you hit someone when travelling at 20mph, the chances they will die as a result are around 1 in 40. If you are driving at 50mph, the chances are 1 in 10.

What can I do?

  • Stick to the speed limit. People say that it's hard to drive at 20mph. You just need to concentrate, be aware of your speed, keep your car in a lower gear and use your brakes if you are coming down the hill.  This could save someone’s life!

  • Spread the word – the more people who are aware of our existence, the fewer people will be speeding through our neighbourhood.

  • Smile and give us a wave as you drive (sedately!) by.

  • join us! Email for more details.

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