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Entry Hill Liveable Neighbourhood

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Resident's Parking Zone


As part of a series of Liveable Neighbourhood proposals across the city and following consulation with affectd residents, lower Entry Hill now does have a Resident's Parking. This is currently being monitored to gauge its success and to see whether it needs adjustment.


Contact your ward councillor, Winston Dugui, if you have  comments about how the current scheme is working. Winston responded to the residents of Lynbrook Lane and Entry Hill Gardens who wanted amendments made to the inital proposals; and assisted in getting minor changes made to the Greenway Lane scheme to improve safety and traffic flows at the bottom  of Entry Hill. 

Ongoing traffic management issues

Although the RPZ on lower Entry Hill has soved some specific problems, significant issues remain. We will continue to lobby for solutions to the real risks to pedestrian safety across the bridge on Entry Hill; and to the ongoing problems of excessive speeding by some vehicles on Entry Hill.

We are very grateful to the work done by our community speedwatch volunteers. As a result of the statistics provided to the police by this group, they are now more aware of the extent of the problem and will be scheduling more regular use of the mobile speed camera van on Entry Hill.


We hope that the feedback given in consultation exercises with local residents will be used constructively as a starting point for co-designing solutions to traffic management in Entry Hill. We all know that the challenges of moving around our city have no easy solutions and we would like to be more involved in working towards new and different kinds of solutions.


We are keen for Entry Hill residents to get involved in testing out new approaches to managing traffic in our own small area.  This might include low cost, temporary measures which can be installed to test the viability of different approaches, and quickly and easily reversed if they prove unworkable. 


Walking and cycling on Entry Hill

Safe walking and cycling are key priorities for us. As well as reducing traffic levels these help our residents' overall wellbeing. We are keen to maintain the visual amenity our our neighbourhood - and would like to see a design led approach, using landscaping, planters and alternative surfacing to enhance the local streetscape, rather than speed bumps and more signs. 


However, we are cannot ignore the obvious challenges of the topography of Entry Hill, which limits walking and cycling for many people. We need better access to public transport from Entry Hill.


One key step to achieving this would be to establish a good walking route across Entry Hill Park. We will continue to lobby for this to be a key part of any future plans for the site. 

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