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Entry Hill Low Traffic Neighbourhood

We think there is an exciting opportunity for Entry Hill residents to get involved in testing out new approaches to managing traffic in our own small area.


We were interested to hear how BANES propose to use low cost, temporary measures to test out the viability of different approaches, so that these can be quickly and easily reversed if they prove unworkable. 


We really liked the potential to use landscaping and big planters that enhance the local streetscape, rather than speed bumps and more signs.  We all know that the challenges of moving around our city have no easy solutions.  This is an opportunity to get more involved in working towards new and different kinds of solutions.

In the wake of the Coronavirus emergency, people have commented on the benefits of better air quality and reduced traffic noise.  At the same time, many are rediscovering the pleasures of safe walking and cycling, while traffic levels are lower.  And of course, we are realising more about the importance of keeping healthy in the face of this extraordinary public health challenge.

The Government is making additional funding to support Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and we are waiting to find out how BANES and Entry Hill in particular might benefit from this.


The Entry Hill Community Assocation is in the process of building mechanisms to be able to consult with residents and hear their opinions.  Please go to our contact page and send us your details to be added to our mailing list if you want to be kept up to date.  There will of course be a range of opportunities for you to express your views in due course, such as meetings and surveys.

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