The future of the Entry Hill Golf Course site - proposed Mountain Bike park

After an open tender process ending early in 2021, BANES Council selected a Bristol-based business called Pedal Progression, as their preferred bidder to operate the Entry Hill Golf Course site as a Mountain Bike park. Here is a link to a concept plan for the proposed mountain bike park, which was commissioned by the Council as the basis for the bidding process.

We’ve been working to better understand the Mountain Bike project, asking questions and using Freedom of Information requests to fill in some of the gaps.  Click the button below to get to our  'questions and answers'.  This explains the information we’ve gathered through discussions with BANES, with Pedal Progression Ltd and with others.   We are trying to create a resource of factual information here, reporting what we know as clearly as possible. We add to these as we find out more, so please check back from time to time for the latest information. 

Please note that the consultation is now closed.

The representatives of EHCA  have seen an advanced copy of the findings of the survey and as soon as these are finalised and published, we will add them to the website 


BANES Council have recently announced the start of a consultation process to enable residents to have their say on the proposals

Here is a link to the BANES Council page, with information about the consultation process.  Or you can go straight to the consultation site.  There will be a series of surveys, covering different topics. There are 3 mini-surveys for you to complete - here are the links:

Traffic and Parking

Design, accessibility and facilities


If you know someone who does not use digital communications but would like to contribute, you can request a paper copy of the survey form to be mailed to them by contacting

The closing date for all of the surveys is 6 September 2021.

The surveys asks residents to anticipate future issues that might arise from the development of the bike park.  It's hard to answer the questions and raise issues without knowing more about what is planned for the site. The surveys require people to be able to imagine what a mounain bike park looks like - when many of us have never seem one! From information given to Entry Hill Community Association earlier this year, by the Council and by Pedal Progression we know that:

  • The business plan for the bike park envisages between 25,000 initially, growing to 50,000 visitors per year.

  • In Year 1, they expect 500-700 playing visitors per week, peaking at 200 per day at weekends, with numbers growing in future years.

  • These numbers do not include people coming to use the free areas of the site, to run, walk, cycle or use the café, or the play park.

  • The bike park designers have described the potential for various national ‘competitions’ on the site, which the Council described as ‘very exciting’.

To avoid undue impact on Entry Hill, and in light of its status as a Low Traffic Neighbourhood, various alternative travel and parking proposals were described, including: creating an entrance on Wellsway; cycling from Odd Down Park and Ride; relying on on-street parking around Entry Hill / Hansford Square; and using the Odd Down Sports Ground car park. Clearly these simply move the problem elsewhere and disadvantage other neighbourhoods, even if they are affordable.

Our 'Red Lines' for any leisure development at the Entry Hill golf course site

The EHCA committee is open minded about the future of the site. We've always been willing to work with any operator who can deliver a leisure facility with a good, sustainable business plan that can provide value to the local community. To make clear what we expect, we  set out some ‘red lines’ we know the community would expect any project to meet and following feedback from Entry Hill residents we expanded these into a set of principles. We sent these to BANES Council who have agreed to take account of them in planning for the development of the site.

If you have specific questions, please feel free to email us at and we’ll try to answer


Alternatively, you can email the BANES officers, your local councillors or Pedal Progression directly.  Here are some useful contact details:

Local councillor for Entry Hill area:  Winston Duguid

BANES officers working on the project:

Martin Pellow

Marc Higgins

BIke Park operator: Pedal Progression