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View looking up Entry Hill with houses to the right and cars parked

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Entry Hill residents have raised a range of concerns over time, with local Councillors, with BANES and with Avon and Somerset Police.  These include:


  • Commuter parking, which means that residents (or visitors) can’t park near their homes, and increases in traffic congestion and parking on the pavements.

  • High traffic levels, with Entry Hill used as a ‘rat-run’ to avoid congestion elsewhere, creating problems including:

    • Risks to pedestrians from vehicles driving up onto the pavement

    • Pollution, both noise and air quality

    • Excessive speed (above the 20mph limit) and dangerous overtaking

    • Tailgating, failure to give way and general aggression

    • The difficulty in safely exiting from side roads

    • Damage to parked cars.


Entry Hill is extensively used by pedestrians, walking to work, to catch trains and buses, for local shops and leisure and by children going to school. It’s a lovely area to live in, with good, local services, and these issues impact on being able to enjoy it to its full.


Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) form a key part of BANES' approach to managing traffic issues and air pollution across the city, and to help address they kind of issues described above.  

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