Actions & Decisions

Meeting 26th May 2020 


Katina Beckett - Chair (KB)                                             Dave Rumble (DR) 

Dominic Wilson (Secretary & Treasurer) (DW)     Jo Reeves (JR)

Stella Williams (SW)                                                            David Liversidge (DL) 

Natasha Kidd (NK)                                                                Lorelei Hunt (LH) 

Kirsty Winstanley (KW)               



Brian Fooks (BF)                                                                         

1            Actions from previous meeting

1.1 These were not specifically reviewed but no issues were raised regarding the actions from 25th March previously circulated.

2            Entry Hill Golf Course

2.1        Agreed to support proposal for keeping Entry Hill Golf Course as a golf course but with more community features eg better café etc. Stella to keep committee updated.  (SW)

3            Councillors’ Grant (£2,000)  – application due 15th June

3.1  Need to ask Winston to define the parameters of the £2,000 grant so we can be clear before we can make suggestions and ask residents to choose a preferred option (KB)

4            LTN

4.1  It was agreed to carry on promoting the full closure of Entry Hill at a position by the Golf Course and working on the letter to send to all residents. (KB)

5            Communications:

5.1  A draft of the letter/leaflet to go out will be circulated for committee approval.  

6            Website

6.1   Following a discussion between KB and LH, LH is developing a basic website for Entry Hill CA.  A number of people volunteered to review the website and Lorelei agreed to share a link to the draft website, requesting that feedback be provided fairly swiftly.   [LH & ALL]

We agreed to purchase the domain name entryhill.community.  There will be a small additional monthly cost for hosting the website  We agreed that all committee members would contribute to the website cost which is likely to be around £100 pa, so only £10 each.  [ALL]​

7            Date and location for next meeting to be confirmed