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The EHCA committee have always been open minded about the future of the site. We are willing to work with any operator who can deliver a leisure facility with a good, sustainable business plan that can provide value to the local community. To make clear what we expect we have set out the following ‘red lines’ we know the community would expect any project to meet, which we will use to judge any proposals for the Entry Hill site.


    Red lines for the Entry Hill site


  • Supporting Entry Hill Liveable Neighbourhood principles, making a positive contribution to the quality of life

  • No increase in traffic levels or parking on Entry Hill and adjacent roads

  • Safe, open access to the site for exercise and recreation and investment in a café as a community hub

  • Preservation of the existing wildlife populations on the site; and improving biodiversity.

  • Proper regard for safety issues arising from contamination on site; as well as adequate site security to ensure safety and comfort for neighbouring homes

  • Comprehensive engagement with the community and co-design of the site proposals

Building on our understanding of the project; and feedback from many local residents, we've expanded these 'red lines' into a more detailed set of principles, which we have sent to BANES officers and members, including the Planning Authority and to others, including Wera Hobhouse MP.  Click on the paperclip link below to see the full document. We are hoping that our residents will get behind these principles and join with us in putting pressure on BANES to make sure that the community value of the proposed Bike Park is maximised; and negative impacts are minimised.


NB If you have any problems opening this link, email us and we'll send a copy of the document to you directly by email.  Please pass information on to friends and neighbours who are not using digital communications. 

Entry Hill Community Association
Principles for Maximising the Local Community Value of the Bath Bike Park

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