Actions & Decisions

(Meeting 20th October 2020) 


Katina Beckett [KB]  (Chair)

Dominic Wilson [DW] (Secretary & Treasurer)

Stella Williams [SW] 

Lorelei Hunt [LH]

Kirsty Winstanley KW

Jo Reeves [JR]



Brian Fookes [BF]  

Natasha Kidd [NK] 

Dave Rumble [DR]

David Liversidge [DL]

1. Actions & decisions from previous meeting

1.1 No amendments were suggested regarding the actions & decisions recorded from the meeting on 27th July, previously circulated. 


2. The future of Entry Hill Golf course 

2.1 Six bids now expected but none appear to be golf bids.  We should know what they are in mid-November. The council will make the decision themselves and make the final decision in January.  Change of use may have to go through planning.

2.2 It was agreed Lorelei would draft an email to the Council officers and Winston to reinforce that we would want to be informed as much as possible and as soon as possible (procurement rules permitting) to ensure they know we want to be in the loop. [LH]


3. Residents Parking Zone [RPZ]

3.1 No update - Jo Reeves has been in communication with Winston.


4. Low Traffic Neighbourhood [LTN]

4.1  Entry Hill is number 3 on the Tranche 2 paper. This has now gone to central government for approval or non-approval. We should find out in November the outcome.

4.2 It was decided to hold off on any letters of support for the Liveable Neighbourhood scheme to the Council until after the central government decision.


5. Pedestrian Safety Fund

5.1 Ideas had been submitted to Winston but have not haven't heard anything yet.  [KB]


6. Social Media Presence

6.1 The website has received very favourable feedback and it was decided to hold off on a Facebook page and handle communications through the website for the time being.  Katina and Lorelei agreed to meet up so Katina could learn how to update the website. [KB]


7. FOBRA Membership Fee

7.1  FoBRA Membership - £25 / full year. We have joined half way through the year - £12.50 paid - Katina paid and will send the receipt to Dominic. [KB]

8. AOB

8.1 Bank Account. Dominic agreed to look into setting one up for EHCA and we could consider each  committee member donating £10/£15 to cover basic running costs within the Association. [DW]


9.1 To be confirmed – provisionally Tuesday Nov 17th 18:30.